Dynamic Divas Network

Dynamic Divas NetworkLadies, have you ever imagined a networking group dedicated Just for You? Well guess what? It’s finally here: Dynamic Divas Network! Please join us next Wednesday, January 25th at 6pm for our first social of 2012. It will be an evening filled with Networking, Supporting women entrepreneurs, Delicious appetizers, Poetry, and BEST of all, Visiting our own Women’s Museum of California. If you’re thinking this is exactly what you needed, too good to be true, or too much fun all in one place…you’re absolutely right! Dynamic Divas Network is especially catered to professional women who are looking to make a change, be part of history, or experience personal growth. Dynamic Divas Network will be a monthly themed event that embraces the many facets of being a young woman. If you’re a woman, entrepreneur, student, or in the process of self discovery, join us! To RSVP and get more information click here: http://www.facebook.com/events/310982915613338/. We look forward to meeting you next week!!


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