Who Let The Nuns Out


Who Let The Nuns Out
Nuns on the Bus!

Let’s see. Convents used to have iron bars, locked gates, and guards with whips. That was pretty secure. Then there was an iron lace curtain in the visitor room so a Sister could be seen a by a family member, but they couldn’t hug. A nice touch. Tea time behind bars for the cherished feminine one. Even a cardinal (think Cardinal Cesare Borgia) had to keep his distance from his lover when he visited the cage.

So, what happened? Fast forward, 2012 America. Some nuns got loose. They painted a bus with Social Justice words and are now driving to Republican Bastions in nine states! Sounds to me like there is a War On Women.

Before them, there were nuns the Pope let out to do charity work and return before vespers. Maybe it started with War. The Bishops let nuns set up hospitals to nurse the wounded. Oops. No locks on hospital doors. Oh, My Nuns in Shining Armour!

Some nuns must have slipped out into the streets to get supplies and discovered a whole new world. I remember when the Vatican opened a soup kitchen inside its walls but with a door onto the street. Oops. That must have caused a crack in the glass ceiling. The Pope didn’t notice because The Women’s Ceiling is Invisible.

Working for the Women’s Movement in the 1960’s I met nuns who wore skirted suits and wrote grants for social services for the homeless in downtown San Diego. Catholic Social Services was getting bigger and bigger and these nuns were pretty cool. They were friendly to feminists. I didn’t have to hide the fact that I was the director of the Center for Women’s Studies and Services, a non-profit run by radical feminists. Remember CWSS?

I love that phrase “radical feminist.” It speaks the truth – going to to the roots of the problem and tearing it out. But Republican men, and the guys at the Union Tribune didn’t like that phrase. They made it sound like Rabid Feminists.

So, today “The Man” has resurrected the slur and says these nuns are Radical Feminists. Hurray! Stand up and be proud. The Social Justice flood gates have opened. You can’t get ‘em back on the farm – or in the cage. There is no cage, you Fools. There is only Freedom and all women yearn for it; we will find it everywhere. There is no stopping us.

Nuns Are Powerful! Sisterhood is Powerful!


Author: Carol Rowell Council

Chief Editor: V. Jones


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