Meet A WMC Intern

My name is Claire Jeanfils, and I’m a university student from Belgium, which is famous for beer, fries and of course chocolate. I’m currently enrolled in an English school in downtown San Diego.

005.JPGIn order to improve my English and increase my knowledge of American business and cultural organizations,  I am gaining work experience in an American place of business. through an experience in an American placement. For the past few months, I have been working as a volunteer at the Women’s Museum of California. I have a lot of interesting tasks to do and most of them include event planning which is the specialty I want to pursue after university.

This experience is really rewarding for so many reasons. The museum staff have all been very welcoming, nice and helpful. The museum workers always try to find me something interesting and different to work on. For example, I’ve been involved in the set-up of one of the exhibits that the museum presented from December 2 to January 29. It is called “women on the water” and it focuses on San Diego’s history of women sailing and rowing, going all the way back to the 1800s to today.

The museum also hosts a lot of events every week, and I am asked to participate in the planning and set-up for some of them.008.JPG

It was really an enjoyable learning experience. I have learned a lot of things about women power and women who have made history. The knowledge I have gained from this experience has made an impact on what I would like to do after I graduate. Through the placement at the museum, I gained valuable experience and relevant training, as well as further development of skills which I can use for future jobs.

Claire Jeanfils, Intern from Stafford House International
Learn more about becoming a Women’s Museum of California intern

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