While it is a common misconception that the “comic world” is solely a man’s world there is, in fact, no shortage of notable woman in the field.  

San Diego is lucky to have a rich history involving comics, including San Diego Comic-Con has been hosted in the city since 1970 and IDW Publishing, which was founded in 1999. From local comic publishing companies to more mainstream, women can be found everywhere.

Here are two notable women working in the comic industry for IDW located here in San Diego.

Sarah Gaydos is a local San Diegan, who has been a group editor for IDW since July of 2016. Sarah has been a fan of comics since her high school years at Clairemont high school when she discovered indie comics “Love and Rockets” and “Action Girl”. She has said before she believes that women are more than plot devices for male character arcs, they are more than just visually appealing caricatures. Before becoming an editor at IDW she worked for DC/Wildstorm for 6 years. Some of the noteworthy projects she has overseen in the past and is currently overseeing include Star Trek, Cartoon Network’s Powerpuff Girls, and Hasbro projects but mostly Jem and the Holograms. 

Kelly Thompson is an American comic writer that works at promoting and featuring female characters. Kelly has a degree in Sequential Art from The Savannah College of Art & Design and has two novels published as well as working on several comics. Some of the comics she is currently working on are Hawkeye and A-FORCE for Marvel Comics along with  Jem & The Holograms and The Misfits for IDW. Before she was writing comics Kelly worked as a freelance writer and created popular column “She Has no Head!” for CBR which was an article about stereotypes, objectification of women, and countless other sexist issues in comics, it can be found here. She also did countless comic reviews. 

One way that women have been supporting each other in the male-dominated comic industry is by forming groups of writers, artists, and editors. The members of the groups work to help one another with projects, support each other, create a safe and positive environment, and of course have fun. Groups like this are in almost every city. can be very helpful to some female comic creators to get feedback on some of their projects or just female comic fans can attend them to just hang out and make friends,

One of these groups is The Los Angeles Women’s Comic Creators League (aka The Lady Bugs). They meet at a comic shop called “The Comic Bug”. The group includes multiple writers and artists.  Looking for a group in San Diego? The San Diego Feminist Comic Book Club is a group of comic book-loving feminist women and men. This group focuses more on the having fun and making friends who are part of comic groups. They meet the first and third Sunday of every month at Villainous Lair in Normal Heights.

Chase Yturralde, High School Intern.
Chase is a high school sophomore who has a passion for pop culture especially comics and games. Chase currently attends the San Diego Met and interns for the Women’s Museum of California.
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