Michelle sums up her experience at the Women’s March best with a letter she wrote to her 18 month old daughter.

I have been keeping a journal of letters since before she was born, while I was pregnant and have continued to write to her in hopes that when she gets older she can see what she did!

baby girl,

my daughter,

my future fellow WOMAN…

4D2FBE81C26F45B9A3C4B4469A687741.jpgI pass the baton, the echo of my roar, may you always rise, Fight peacefully for what you passionately believe in, hug and be grateful to your fellow supporters and warriors but most of all back up your voice with ACTION, educate yourself and others (if they are open to it). Though it can feel easy and safe to keep your opinions to yourself, sometimes you can’t sit idly by – its takes courage, thick skin but if you feel it in your heart that its something you need to say/do/fight for (you’ll know it when this happens – trust your instincts), by all means, baby girl, RISE UP, and let them hear your ROAR!

…today, January 21st, 2017, is a day for the history books and you, my dear girl, were A PART OF THE RESISTANCE. Me, you (on my back with your FIGHT LIKE A GIRL sign) and dada, your incredibly supportive, non-judgemental, unafraid and beautiful souled father, held my hand and signs we made the night before, alongside all of us warriors, a sea of diverse brave souls, all 30-40,000 of us in Resistance and to awake our government to how many of us will be devastated and negatively affected by their extreme policies! I never felt so much passion, overwhelmed with tears but confidence and the want to be there, not watching but marching. It was powerful…over 4 million people around the world took to this movement and even more amazing was the peacefulness at which this was all achieved. And in the evening, us three amigos, went to where I donated a piece of my Art, to the Nasty Women Exhibition, San Diego, for the sale to go to Planned Parenthood, to give women a choice, something I wholeheartedly believe in. I just want you to have the choice to make whatever decisions you need down the road and the access to these choices!

C4846E074E904A6B9A965CDDFDC50702.jpgBut like most things in life, you win some friends (and even family), you lose some in the process of being a powerful voice. People are intimidated by strong voices, educated women…but do NOT ever let this stop you from being YOU, speaking your mind and your beliefs. Trust me when I say, you will be blown away by incredible support from strangers and realize you are not alone. Just keep hope alive, overall people have the capacity to be really good, so hope for the best…it’s a jungle out there, be a LIONESS!!!!


“And when they seek to oppress you,
And when they try to destroy you, 
Rise and rise again and again
Like the Phoenix from the ashes 
Until the lambs have become the lions
And the rule of Darkness is no more…”

Maitreya The Friend of All Souls, 
The Holy Book of Destiny


Michelle D. Ferrera-Lubin, Guest Blogger

 As a full-time Artist/stay at home Mom, simply, I’m interested in life with the hope to grow as an Artist and storyteller, sparking inspiration and communication. I create snapshots of self portraits, drawing with pencil on wood and share my experiences to help heal through writing and Art in my self-published books.  I honored to currently have a few pieces of my Art in the Gift Shop at the Women’s Museum of California.

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