In the 1970s research was published that illuminated the bias of gender in school textbooks and the effects, it has on women and girls in America.

How far have we come in the fight to include more women in out textbooks?

According to the National Women’s History Museum, only one-fourth of Americans can name the accomplishments of notable women such as Ida B. Wells and Sybil Ludington while more than three-fourths of Americans can name the achievements of Frederick Douglass and Paul Revere.

A recent article in The Atlantic explains the fight to include more women in textbooks and why it is critical to do so. “The less students learn about this history, the easier it is to argue that the ideas that women are fragile, vulnerable, and in need male protection are irrefutable facts rather than social constructions based on bias and desire for power and control.” Decades later and school curriculum is still largely unbalanced when it comes to highlighting accomplishments of men and women in science, art, politics, and history.

IMG_6951 2.JPGThe Women’s Museum of California exists to educate everyone on the accomplishments of women. Every story deserves to be told and everyone deserves to hear the stories. That is why the Museum has created educational outreach programs, so schools, libraries, groups, and clubs across the county can be inspired by women from history and today.

Unfortunately, there are many groups across our community that cannot afford our programming.

This is where you can help play a part in correcting the gender bias in our educational system.

Give the gift of Herstory today and provide underserved schools, community organizations, or other deserving groups with a speaker from our Speakers’ Bureau, a Tour of the Museum, a Historical Clothing Show, or a Traveling Exhibit.

Your donation takes the Museum out into the community and allows greater access for those who might not otherwise be able to enjoy these programs.

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The Women’s Museum of California is one of only three museums dedicated to women’s history in the United States. Founded in 1983, our mission is to educate and inspire future generations about the experiences and contributions of women have made throughout history.