This Friday we unveil our latest exhibit at the Women’s Museum of California.

Muses of the Old Globe is curated by Old Globe Historian, Darlene Davies. Below are her thoughts on this exciting new exhibit.

1978 fire.jpgThis exhibition highlights women whose stories should be celebrated. A few are well known, but the passage of time has caused memories we hold of some of the women to fade. A few were linked to the Globe briefly, while others served in various ways for decades. Frankly, these are audacious women with theatrically laced lives. These are not timid souls, though a few of them appear on the surface to be so. We respond to the influential women with admiration, laughter, amazement, and occasional disbelief. How I wish we could have them all to dinner. Imagine the conversations. 

The Old Globe is a special place, and women have been essential elements of it since the beginning. Their sometimes supporting roles have enlarged to leading ones There have been many more female stage directors in recent years, and the last decades have produced women presidents of the Board of Directors. 

Women have played enormous roles at the Globe, and the roles have been many, including those of actresses, designers, board presidents, stage directors, playwrights, and patrons. Other parts played have been too numerous to include in this exhibition, which is limited in space and focus. The history is vast. 

It is a distinct honor to introduce MUSES OF THE OLD GLOBE Women Who Have Made a Difference.

Darlene Davies has been involved with The Old Globe since 1951, acting at, writing, archiving, and speaking about the treasured theatre since that time. She has published many articles about San Diego, particularly about Balboa Park and The Old Globe. Having served on the City Advisory Board on Women and on the County Commission on the Status of Women, as well as the Globe Board of Directors, Davies has now combined two areas of interest, connecting stories of women and The Old Globe for this exhibition

Muses of the Old Globe runs from September 1st – October 29th