M Susan Peck Talks Golda Meir in Brief Interview

On September 23, the play “Golda’s Balcony” will open at The Women’s Museum of California.

This powerful, one-woman play is part of a much larger Women’s History Theater Festival to begin September 16. The festival is hosted at the Women’s Museum and put on by American History Theater.

San Diegan non-profit AHT has been around for almost 4 years and dedicates its mission to celebrating the roles of women throughout history and raising awareness around veterans’ issues, with a focus on female service members. This is the second annual Women’s History Theater Festival AHT has brought to the Women’s Museum. Each year we bring to the stage the stories of influential women from throughout history. We seek to share the experiences of brazen women icons like Amelia Earhart, Zelda Fitzgerald, Eleanor Roosevelt and Golda Meir.

Golda Meir is a former prime minister of Israel. During her time in office, which she took in 1969, she fought for her country with everything she had, showing world leaders just what type of tenacity a woman was capable of. Golda is played by M Susan Peck, who has learned a great deal as she has worked to embody the dynamic energy and spirit of this incredible woman.

golda smokes creative edit  (1).jpegI am fascinated by this woman, Golda,” said Peck. “So far I have found out that she was incredibly strong minded…but as you watch her in interviews and speeches, she has this light behind her eyes and a softness that can immediately appear. That’s a really interesting, complicated character to bring to life.”

Prior to researching the role, Susan found herself drawn to the “Golda” audition for a number of reasons. Her respect for the director, Missy Malloy, was one such motivation. Malloy had just directed a very intense play on Military Sexual Trauma at the Women’s Museum entitled “Speaking Out: Why I Stand”. Peck’s take-away from the viewing experience was a positive one.

I thought what she did with the play and the actors (there were nine of them in a small space) was creative, intelligent, and so generous for the audience,” said Peck. “I thought she’d be a great person to take the journey of creating a character with.”

Susan’s process for getting into the role is seemingly simple. “Research, research, research, and lines, lines, lines!” she’ll tell you.

In all, AHT hopes the show will provide audiences inspiration through the role of this amazing Zionist who wasn’t afraid to step up for her country. Malloy and Susan continue to work daily on bringing this story to colorful life.

I hope the audience leaves feeling a connection to this woman’s choices,” said Peck.

We hope everyone comes out to learn more and share in the triumphs and struggles of Golda Meir through “Golda’s Balcony”.

Amber Robinson, Guest Blogger
Amber is the Vice President and Director of Communications of American History Theater

Purchase tickets for the Women’s History Theater Festival here


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