Let’s Continue the Movement in 2018

Founded in 1983 by Mary Maschal the Women’s Museum of California has grown from a small collection of historical memorabilia to a full-fledged Museum preserving women’s stories, one of only three museums dedicated to women’s history in the country.

Maschal’s motivation for starting the Museum was to teach girls and boys that women are equally capable as men to lead and find success and that the many untold stories of women throughout history will inspire young people to do whatever it is they want to do.
Today, the Women’s Museum welcomes 10,000 visitors a year, mentors over a hundred student interns, produces 9 exhibits in-house each year and hosts monthly educational programming to further inspire the public on women’s stories and issues.
Join us in our mission to share untold stories of women’s accomplishments.
As a special holiday gift for the Women’s Museum of California family, we are excited to share with you an exclusive sneak peek of our 2018 exhibits.
Our mission with these exhibits is to inspire Museum visitors by sharing untold stories of women’s accomplishments in history, art, and today.
Our exhibits in 2018 include stories about women lawyers, women in the military, women who led the LGBT movement, and the history of women marches in the United States. They highlight the impact women have made in our country and prove that women are strong leaders, capable of achieving anything.
2018 Exhibit Schedule.png
Don’t forget: Museum Members receive free admission to all our exhibits and invites to VIP exhibit events. Save money on admission and see multiple exhibits in 2018, become a Member of the Women’s Museum today.

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