March Towards Empowerment

Join the movement!

The Women’s Museum of California will be opening our newly revised permanent exhibit, Marching Towards Empowerment, highlighting the fight for Women’s Suffrage on January 19. In the late 19th and early 20th century, courageous women mobilized, educated and persisted in an effort to change the national law. This revised exhibit will focus on these brave women and their stories and will also look at the full context of the changes taking place at the state and national level. There is also an increased focused on the impact communities of color had on the suffrage movement and the righteous call for equal rights for all Americans.

This exhibit will actively encourage viewers to place themselves within the legacy of the fight for women’s rights.” Diane Peabody Straw, executive director of the Women’s Museum explains the new additions to the exhibit. “Not only are we highlighting items from our Museum collection that visitors have never seen before, we have also added interactive components to bring the stories of these extraordinary women to life.”

Historical documents and artifacts on display will feature many from the Museum’s Alice Park collection. Alice Park was a suffragist, vegetarian, pacifist, and socialist who’s worked centered out of California but reverberated around the globe as one of the main voices advocating women’s suffrage. Included in the archives are correspondences from Alice Parks to Susan B. Anthony, Carrie Chapman Catt, and Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

In addition to the Suffrage Movement, the exhibit will focus on the wider societal changes that spawned once women were able to vote. This exhibit will focus on an increased demand for social justice and the how the women’s vote impacted the Civil Rights movement and pacifism movement following World War 2.

US Suffrage Timeline.png


Learn more about the history of the suffrage movement by checking out our digital timeline


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