The Women’s Film Festival San Diego is proud to present their first student filmmaker competition. 

The purpose of the competition is to give student filmmakers a platform to share their stories and motivation to keep pursuing their dream career in film.

The Student Day of the Women’s Film Festival will take place April 15th at THE LOT in Liberty Station. Starting at 10:00 am the audience will watch 11 short student films chosen from this year’s submissions by our judges. After the screening, the judges will announce the winner of the competition and present them with a scholarship prize.

The competition finalists are

The Chromo-Zone

MV5BYTY0ZWMxZmItOTdhMi00MDg4LThmYWYtZWNmZDMxMmQ1OGRmXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDY1NzY4Njc@._V1_UY268_CR9,0,182,268_AL_.jpgAfter faced with a terrifying realization about technology’s capabilities, Nancy’s deep-rooted fear of losing her identity surfaces as she struggles to stay true to herself amidst a world hiding behind the masks of social media.

Written and directed by Gabrielle Makower



A Symphony of Stone


A girl falls in love with Prague after visiting for the first time. In their solitude they see themselves reflected on each other, and develop a unique connection.

Written and directed by Beatriz Gutierres Hernandez

The Air Up Here

3928453.jpegA girl goes to her grandparents’ cabin to spend her birthday alone.

Written and directed by Lindsay Calleran





Step by Step

3938850.jpgVan, a young Vietnamese immigrant and aspiring dancer, overcomes poverty, a language barrier and other adversities to gain acceptance in a ballroom dance studio.

Written and directed by Thi Doan




Mother’s Touch

679884230_780x439.jpgThe Korean tradition of the ‘haenyeo’ or ‘female diver’ is one that is not well known and sadly fading. This story revolves around haenyeo Sooni, an elderly woman who heads to the sea for unbeknownst to her, her last dive. As she forages for seafood, she is reminded of precious times she spent with her late mother who taught her the ways of the haenyeo.

Directed by Jane Yeon and Audris Park

The Daughter

3866899.jpgA daughter visits a nursing home to see her elderly mother with dementia. The world is thrown for a moment when the daughter is revealed to be someone she’s not…

Written and directed by Kristy Richman


Little Deaths

3864566.jpgA dancer suffering from ‘little deaths’ chooses to dance through struggles again and again. “Dance! Dance! Or you will be lost…” ‘It’s not like that,’ she says, “I always dance in the lost.”

Directed by Hui Huang



Fair and Dainty

3865564.jpgArushi Sharma, a young Indian-American girl, returns home from playing outside and overhears her mother and grandmother arguing about her. She is then confronted with the existence of colorism, a concept still prevalent in modern Indian culture.

Written and directed by Alicia Parikh


In Bloom

When an old man and a young woman meet on a park bench, they discover that they have more in common than first meets the eye. A story of unexpected human connection, ‘In Bloom’ reminds us that even in times of grief, we are never alone.

Written and Directed by Sarah Holland


The Stars Will Dance

A Muslim ballerina who dreams of becoming the principal dancer of her ballet company.

On The Bright Side

As Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese 1975, Cau Hong was separated from her family while trying to flee the city. Hong never lost hope and would eventually reunite with her family in the United States. Now 83, Hong’s life is a story of enduring faith, optimism and a determination against all odds.

Directed by Thi Doan


Tickets to the screening are $25 and can be purchased here