If there is one, universal need that transcends conflict, either religious, ideological, what have you, it is the desire to feel connected, to be part of a community.

After I graduated from college, this need plagued me. I had friends, but I wanted to be a part of something that was outside of myself but simultaneously conscious of my identity as a lifelong learner and a woman. The Women’s Museum of California offers me a place realize what these identities mean to me and the world I live in.

Given the opportunity, a young mind eager to learn is a power that knows no bounds. Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to contribute to molding the minds that will one day lead our nation in science, technology, scholarship, literature? Without representations of a potential, future self, it is nearly impossible for a child to envision themselves in these successful roles. We strive to bridge the gap between what a child thinks their limitations are and one who realizes they do not have any.

During my time at the Women’s Museum, I have learned about 19th century poetical geniuses like Elizabeth Barrett Browning who introduced me to the power of activism through artistic expression. Her dedication to education and courage to defy society’s standards led her to impact the world of poetry, a predominantly male tradition. However, the museum couples this knowledge with the preservation of experiences of trailblazers who live right here in our backyard of San Diego—truly an aspect that sets us apart from other cultural education opportunities and museums.

However, women still make up less than 3% of the content in popular history textbooks. And while we already reach young audiences throughout San Diego, we need your help to invite more privately led tours for Girl Scouts and other youth groups.

You can help inspire young minds, boys and girls alike, to defy limitations by being informed of their trailblazing, female ancestors. Your support is imperative to understanding our past and inspiring our future.

Would you consider donating just $10 to sponsor a child’s visit to the Museum with their class to participate in a tour with a docent? Your gift of $100 will support a private tour for Girl Scouts or another student group. You can even send an entire class to the Museum for $200, providing a cultural opportunity for underserved students.

 Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to educate and inspire future generations.

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Liana Martin, Education Intern at Women’s Museum of California