I Witness Herstory invites women to submit their reactions and experiences to developments locally, nationally and globally that effect women. The collection of these submissions will be used in future WMC programs to help educate and inspire current and future generations on the experiences of women.

Currently, we are collecting reactions from local women activists and leaders concerning President Biden’s new administration, the most diverse administration in US history, Over the next few weeks we will post reactions to this historic moment in American government.

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  • What is your reaction to the women proposed/confirmed for Biden’s cabinet and to those appointed to his administration?

It is great to see that gender representation is increasing with this new administration but it is very critical that we don’t just focus on gender but also values. We have so many issues that need to be addressed and the cabinet should reflect such commitment to tackle them.

  • What added value do you think women bring to governing?

            It is critical to ensure that women are part of the decision table but it is critical that we don’t essentialize gender representation vs. gender and values representation. For me supporting folks that understand and are committed to building a more inclusive society is critical and that can lead to electing more women but more women with strong commitments in building government that is inclusive of our diversity and economic differences.

  •      What added value do you think BIPOC women bring to governing?

Once again it is critical that the highest level of government builds a diverse and gender cabinet but we must also include progressive values to the representation. If we are serious in addressing our social, economic, and environmental issues in our society then we need to nominate folks that are ready and committed to such challenges.

  • What specific things do you want the Biden administration to do for women?

Invest in BIPOC gender health care development research, but first build a universal healthcare system.

Invest in the creation of universal childcare.

Address gender pay gap.

Strong commitment in addressing environmental racism.

Georgette Gómez, a first generation Mexican-American Queer brown woman and native San Diegan, Georgette grew up in San Diego’s Barrio Logan community to working class immigrant parents. I have dedicated my life to fight for social, environmental, economic, and racial justice as a community organizer and as a former council member. 

As the first Queer Latina elected San Diego City Council President, Georgette’s legislative accomplishments include expanding affordable housing, strengthening protections for low-income renters, leading implementation of the city’s landmark Climate Action Plan and delivering millions in new funding for community priorities including street repairs, parks and libraries.