Who Won the Vote in California

“The central figure in the seal of California is the presiding goddess of that state… But the constitution limits the franchise and thus makes outlaws of all the noble women who endured the hardships… who helped make (California) all that it is… The position of the real woman who shares the everyday trials and hardships… inspires no corresponding admiration and respect.”  -Elizabeth Cady Stanton, 1876

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From Our Archives: MOTHER EARTH Anarchist Journal

Our collections at the Women’s Museum of California constantly remind us how often the arguments and issues of the past still resonate and closely anticipate debates on some of today’s most important political and social issues, such as the rights of immigrants, the value of dissent, and the true meaning of patriotism.

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Amazing Women Spotlight: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

The first elected female head of state in African history and the first female Minister of Finance in Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf faced arrest and exile as an opponent of two violent, corrupt regimes and was further displaced by an ensuing civil war in Liberia. After the civil war and her election to the presidency in 2006, Sirleaf negotiated the lifting of international trade sanctions against Liberia, secured complete forgiveness of the country’s crushing external debt after 25 years of internal fighting, established a right to free, universal elementary education, enforced women’s rights, greatly invested in Liberian infrastructure, which helped … Continue reading Amazing Women Spotlight: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf