Refugee Women Leading Women Worldwide

from Abuse to Economic and Social Empowerment

. . . a panel presentation at the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women

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Where Are The Women?

In 2000, all member states of the United Nations agreed upon the eight Millennium Development Goals. The third goal on the list was “To promote gender equality and empower women”. One of the specifics of the goal was to achieve equal gender representation in all national legislatures. Over 15 years has passed since the global community agreed on this goal, so how much progress has been made? Continue reading “Where Are The Women?”

National Organization for Women

National Organization for Women – 2014 Conference Report by Anne Hoiberg The hot June wind of a 95-degree Albuquerque served as a force pushing women to unite in solving the critical issues of our lives. During the opening plenary of the National Organization for Women’s national conference, “Faces of Feminism: Strength in Diversity,” NOW President Terry O’Neill graciously urged a diverse audience of 300 activists to mobilize for an end to violence against women and an increase in women’s political representation as well as to fight for the Equal Rights Amendment ratification, equal pay, a livable wage, affordable health and … Continue reading National Organization for Women