From Our Archives: Alice Hohlmayer

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What you don’t know about Cuban Women will surprise!

Reflections on Cuban Women

In late 2003, I led a group of San Diegan women to Cuba where we joined fourteen other women on a tour organized by Global Exchange. Our purpose was to attend the International Women’s Congress at the University of Havana, where several of us presented papers, mine being on the global atrocity of human trafficking.
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Miss USA 2014

Today’s article features Jennifer Lee sitting down with Miss USA 2014 to talk about the topic of one of the questions she was given during the competition. The question addressed the fact of how 19% of women in college are victims of sexual assault. This is something that is not greatly stressed or looked upon, often times it is not given much attention even though we hear about it frequently. Read the full article here published on The Broad Side.
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