Women Change Legal World

Chief Justice C. J. Ryan of the Wisconsin Supreme Court considered women temperamentally unsuited to the selfish, extortionate, coarse, brutal, repulsive and obscene legal profession. “It would be revolting to all female sense of innocence and the sanctity of their sex,” he wrote in 1895 when denying Lavinia Goodell’s admission to the bar. Continue reading “Women Change Legal World”


Reclaiming our Warriors: Lessons from Maxine Hong Kingston

Long before Disney got its hands on the Chinese myth of Fa Mu Lan (also called Hua Mulan or simply Mulan), Californian and Chinese-American Maxine Hong Kingston used the myth of the swordswoman martial artist to explore the ideas of how, despite empowering mythology, women can often be made to feel limited in their quest to “make a difference.” Continue reading “Reclaiming our Warriors: Lessons from Maxine Hong Kingston”